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May 15, 2016 13:54
Rob from USA wrote: 3118
Rest in peace Mr Macnee. Watching the Count Iblis episodes of Battlestar Galactica got me thinking about Mr. Macnee. Amazing actor.

Apr 04, 2016 05:30
Ben from London, England wrote: 3117
Truly a British Gentleman to remember!

Feb 11, 2016 07:59
Raul Fernando Ajmat from Argentina wrote: 3116
Wonderful memories particularly of his character John Steed, loads of lessons for new actors. RIP

Dec 27, 2015 18:00
Colin Coe from Canada wrote: 3115
so many wonderful memories - an iconic character no matter what film or show he was in.

Dec 11, 2015 14:09
Marcus grubb from Great britain wrote: 3114
The quintessential Englishman, wonderful man, great actor, the Avengers will live on for generations, style and panache fantastic, should have had a state funeral..

Nov 26, 2015 00:19
Douglass R Sonek from United States wrote: 3113
Your absence will continue to be regretted: The civilized world is, indeed, more tarnished as a result.

Nov 24, 2015 21:20
Susan Markowitz from United States wrote: 3112
RIP, dear sir; flights of angels... Heartfelt condolences to the family. I fell in love with him back in the 1960's as the dashing John Steed (and perhaps, even before, as Jacob Marley, tho I did not know his identity till today). James Bond could never hold a candle to the dashing Mr. Steed. I was left awestruck by his performance on Broadway in "Sleuth" (dashing as ever in that elegant smoking jacket!). And for months, I have been staying up 'way past my bedtime to watch "the Avengers" episodes on COZI, never realizing that the soul and life-force of the show had, impossibly, left us. Thank you for your charm and wit, grace and elegance; I will cherish them always. And thank you to your family, for caring enough to continue to share this site with us.

Nov 24, 2015 16:29
Pat Coleman from United States wrote: 3111
My mother turned my siblings and me on to 'The Avengers' in the 1960s (here in the USA). I'm 52 now. I've followed Mr. Macnee's other recorded/filmed work ever since. He was a truly unique gift to the world and will be missed. This is a wonderful website.

Nov 20, 2015 04:29
John Alston from England wrote: 3110
Just watching a 1969 Avengers episode now (Take Me To Your Leader) and Patrick is performing with his usual elegance, charm and wit. This reminded me to sign your guest book and to thank you for so many hours of viewing pleasure as the incomparable John Steed in my favourite TV show. Rest In Peace Patrick.

Nov 05, 2015 14:19
David G. Hardy from U.S.A. wrote: 3109
Rupert , Just wanted to thank you so much for your kindness and inclusiveness at the " Chiller . " Convention ! It was an HONOR to meet you and I am so glad we got to share some memories of your Father and the Show ! I know your dad would be proud of how you are carrying on his legacy !

Yours , sincerely

Oct 27, 2015 06:07
M Serantes from United States wrote: 3108
thanks for coming to chiller theater in oct it was great to meet you .

Oct 21, 2015 16:52
alexa molnar from United States wrote: 3107
patrick, i will miss you so much! i loved seeing you and diana rigg together. i know you were a good friend to her. the show meant a lot to me as i was growing up and still inspires me almost 50 years later. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 20, 2015 14:16
Joris Royer from Metz, FRANCE wrote: 3106
Hi Rupert,

Today's a special day over here in France...The blurays and the dvds (containing the latest version of The Avengers, in its current remastered quality) have come out (my bluray copies are on their way at this very moment). I thought I would drop by and tell you about it. This will be a special viewing experience, Patrick put his entire being when working on the show and the series is now a work of art, exactly like a painting at the Louvres. The Avengers marks on this day its first Bluray release on the French territory and it's the occasion for us the fans to pay another great tribute to Patrick Macnee.

Long live the Avengers!!!

All my best wishes

Oct 05, 2015 06:42
Keith Jenkins from Switzerland wrote: 3105
Patrick is so etched in my mind it almost more fixed than my own Dad. Thanks to him for making the whole of my life classic and exciting.

Sep 23, 2015 03:29
Ricky Roberson from USA wrote: 3104
I learned of Mr. Macnee's death from the brief tribute mention on the recent Emmys broadcast. My sympathies to his family. Like so many others, his adventures on The Avengers sparked in me a lifelong affection for British culture. As John Steed he was a most worthy role model for a young boy, with his polite charm, wit, intelligence and respect for women. As such he made an early and significant positive impact on my own life. In the decades since I have seen no fictional character more worthy of emulation. I feel sure he was an even better man in real life. Farewell, Packtrick Macnee, you are remembered most fondly.

Sep 21, 2015 02:12
LeVar Ravel from USA / Ireland wrote: 3103
I just found out that Mr. Macnee passed away a few months ago. My condolences to his family and friends. It's great that he led such a long and active life. And, of course, "The Avengers", and his performance as the great John Steed, are an extraordinary legacy. Steed and "The Avengers'" sense of humor and style made for a wonderful show, and an influence on my own fiction writing.

His message board page at IMDb is full of tributes from fans who also found him a warm and generous person at signings and things. Likewise, his autobiography "The Avengers & Me" demonstrates how humble he was in spite of his stardom. I'm proud to own a copy with an autographed nameplate.

A tip of the bowler hat to you, Patrick Macnee!

Sep 20, 2015 09:42
Julie Guyett DeAngelo from USA wrote: 3102
You were always my favorite. As a child I wrote you a fan letter and started it with "Dear O'Mighty Mr. Macnee". I still have the letter you wrote back to me. I will forever have a crush on you. RIP

Sep 12, 2015 17:40
Roman GERHARDT from Germany wrote: 3101
It is very beautiful and touching to read how many friends Mr. Steed has here. Thanks for the wonderful words and stories that have me very moved here. Patrick aka Mr. Steed is and remains unique and will always be to me as in memory and in my heart. He's a part of us and his mischievous humor, combined with the intelligence of a great gentleman is me and many of his fans remembered. Mrs. Peel was his best Avengers-partner, who had wonderfully complemented with him in his unique style. Mr. Steed, my old friend, I must now quickly take a Avengers DVD and watch me an episode. Here I come on you with a glass of red wine and a toast to send you to heaven. Old friend, sometimes I think about in certain situations, such as Mr. Steed had done some things. Dear Patrick, your Fan family is huge and misses you. ......... greetings to you in heaven ......

Sep 08, 2015 16:30
William K. Christy Sr. from U.S.A. wrote: 3100
I am a super fan! Thank you for all the years of Happiness you brought to me!

Aug 29, 2015 22:25
Chris Vernon from usa wrote: 3099
it's been a little over 2 months since you have left us and the pain is still there. it seems as if it will never goes away. can't watch avenger eps anymore hurts too much. I hope you and Mrs. M are back together now where ever you are. I think I speak on behalf of your female fans when I say how much we miss you and how the world just doesn't seem the same.
love you,

Aug 25, 2015 12:02
Derek from USA wrote: 3098
Even two months later, I still think of Mr. Macnee and the wonderful legacy that he leaves the public. I wrote to him decades ago and he sent me a little photo!

I hope everyday matters of the estate and paperwork is not too much for the family.

Aug 22, 2015 02:13
Michel Rozema from The Netherlands wrote: 3097
Everybody congratulated with Mrs. Blackman on her 90th birthday!

Aug 19, 2015 18:45
Emily Walker from United States of America wrote: 3096
I grew up watching Patrick Macnee play John Steed in The Avengers and he was a brilliant man. I never watched anything more than I have with The Avengers. I always loved John and how Patrick portrayed the Gentleman. Patrick Macnee was my all-time favorite actor and I deeply wish I could have met the man. I was completely devastated and beyond heartbreak to hear of his death and am still deeply saddened by it. Mr. Macnee was and always will be a brilliant and talented actor. No one will ever be able to replace that wonderful man.

Aug 09, 2015 00:05
Mikey from U.S.A. (Chicago) wrote: 3095
You will definitely be missed, sir! Such an excellent and prominent actor indeed. Loved all your shows. Especially 'Ghost Stories.' Many thanks for all your years of greatness on the big screen. Take care up there, and God speed. Smile

Aug 06, 2015 09:54
Laurie Lewis from USA wrote: 3094
I truly am in mourning. Since I saw my first episode of The Avengers in 1965 I have been a loyal fan and have read and embraced Patrick Macnee's books. Farewell Steed.

Jul 29, 2015 08:17
Trudy kling from Uk wrote: 3093
Patrick Macnee was a true icon whose name grows with time. I have many pictures of him which have proved to be a good investment! Thank you!

Trudy - thank you for years of loyalty and friendship

Jul 26, 2015 05:28
Philip James from United Kingdom wrote: 3092
Dear Patrick & Family, You are the highest example of an English Gentleman, one of the icons which made Britain Great, along with Sir Christopher Lee and the living Sir Michael Caine and of course Sir Roger Moore. You were there somewhere for all of my life, I take my hat off to you (and your bowler), God Bless.
Phil James

Jul 25, 2015 16:52
Andrew Harries from United Kingdom wrote: 3091
So sad that Patrick is no longer with us. He remains eternally, John Steed. Condolences on the passing of my one and only hero and role model.
RIP Mr Steed and thanks.

Jul 24, 2015 15:22
Keith from UK wrote: 3090
Patrick Mcnee aka John Steed
As David posted earlier, all the great actors of my youth are passing on. At 55 I was am impressionable young boy when I first watched The Avengers.
Steed impeccable Bowler hat English Gentleman style, and suave elegant good looks and intellect was in pressie.
Even now, what I wouldn't give to walk along Knightsbridge dressed in a Steed Saville Row suit and Bowler hat.
RIP Patrick. You will live on as Steed.

Jul 19, 2015 14:29
Dr.Tarrance Darmon Austin Sr.JD.PhD from United Kingdom wrote: 3089
One Hyde Park
100 Knightsbridge
9950 Sulphur Mountain Rd.
Mailing Address:
1626 N.Wilcox Ave # 557

Jul 17, 2015 01:35
Gaetano from Italy wrote: 3088
I am very sad... goodbye mr. Steed. R.I.P.

Jul 16, 2015 13:51
Bertrand MENAGER from France wrote: 3087
Sad news about the passing away of Patrick Macnee ! I have lost one of my favourites actors ! I miss him so much ! Condoleances for the family !! Kind regards, Bertrand MENAGER French man.

Jul 15, 2015 15:52
Roman Gerhardt from Germany wrote: 3086
Mein erster TV-Held, John Steed, aus der Fernsehserie"Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone"(German Title) ist von uns gegangen. Als Kind war ich vor dem Fernseher immer gefesselt, als Mrs.Peel und Mr. Steed einen Auftrag ausführten.Besonders war mir die Sendung "The Cybernauts-Die Roboter" in Erinnerung. Jetzt sehe ich mir die TV-Staffeln auf DVD an und bin mmer noch gerührt und begeistert von dem Charme, dem Witz und der Eleganz von Mr. Steed und Mrs. Peel ! Patrick Macnee wird immer in unseren Herzen einen Platz haben ! Liebe Grüße, alter Freund und halte die Ohren steif !

Jul 15, 2015 12:01
Anne Jan Kunst from netherlands wrote: 3085
After you died you are still needed mr Steed!!!

Jul 14, 2015 23:25
David from England/USA wrote: 3084
Very sorry to hear of Patrick's passing. All of the great actors and actresses from my youth are disappearing. It is wonderful that their performances are preserved for future generations. But who knows if they will still be appreciated in the future.

Jul 13, 2015 13:18
glen moore from england wrote: 3083
So sad to hear that Patrick has passed at the impressive age
of 93, a fine actor and may I say an extremely interesting man
having read Blind In One Ear.

Jul 13, 2015 02:38
StewartYeadon from UK wrote: 3082
A true gentleman whose character of John Steed will be remembered forever. Thank you Patrick.

Jul 12, 2015 10:32
JOAN TAYLOR from England wrote: 3081
To the family and friends of Patrick Macnee.
Please accept my deepest sympathy.
Patrick was a great actor I was very young when I use to watch The Avengers every Saturday Night I never missed it.
Patrick Gone But Never Forgotten GB you and R.I.P, Sending all my love and prayers to family and friends of Patrick.

Jul 11, 2015 02:34
Michael Fenske from Germany wrote: 3080
In Deutschland hat die Serie "Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone" (The Avengers) auch 50 Jahre nach ihrer TV-Premiere noch immer Kult-Status. Sie war gewürzt mit Spannung, Humor, Sex-Appeal und ein wenig Grusel. Meine Lieblingsfolge war "Die Roboter".
Der großartige Patrick Macnee als eleganter, charmanter John Steed und die bildhübsche, clevere und sportliche Diana Rigg als Emma Peel gaben der Serie ein unverwechselbares Gesicht. Die ganze Familie saß in den 60ern vorm Bildschirm und auch heute noch schaut man sich gern die Wiederholungen im Fernsehen oder auf einer DVD an. Die markante Titelmelodie, die ich seit vielen Jahren als Klingelton auf meinem Mobiltelefon habe, ist ebenso einzigartig wie der Vorspann.

Patrick Macnee hat so viel Freude in die Wohnzimmer sowie selbstverständlich auch auf die Kinoleinwände gebracht. In seiner Rolle als sympathischer Gentleman John Steed bleibt er für immer unvergessen.
Möge er in Frieden ruhen und uns ab und zu ein verschmitztes Lächeln aus den Wolken hinunter schicken.

Thank you so much, Mr. Macnee, you will stay an unforgotten character and we'll keep you in a wonderful memory forever. R.I.P. and send us a heavenly smile from time to time please.

You made the world more beautiful.
Your fans from Germany

Jul 10, 2015 06:43
Loriot from France wrote: 3079
dear John Steed, dear Patrick, we'll miss you very much as you represented the true gent for us through the Avengers (in French chapeau melon et bottes de cuir) : elegant and charming TV film ! Thank you ! Mrs Loriot

Jul 09, 2015 23:37
Mr Craig Chambers from USA Calif. wrote: 3078
I was stationed at RAF Alconbury (USAF) From 65-68. In our barracks we would always watch the avengers.You were the star of course...but Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) was so hot! RIP Mr Steed.

Jul 09, 2015 19:59
gustavo from Uruguay wrote: 3077
Hi where can i find subtitles of the season 2 and 3 , i dont care if this is in english or in french

Jul 08, 2015 07:51
Oliver Campbell from United Kingdom wrote: 3076
Just wanted to say how sad I was to hear at Patrick's passsing. I'm 49 now but have great memories of watching him on T.V. as I was growing up. He always came across as such a great character and you could not help but love him.
It is clear he had a wonderful life and will be missed by many.

Condolences to his family.

Jul 06, 2015 23:16
Steve Flora from Australia wrote: 3075
R.I.P. John Steed .....

Jul 06, 2015 15:30
Mr. BlackSpeede from United States wrote: 3074
I am really truly sorry to know that Mr. Macnee has passed away. Although, I was young when the show of The Avengers aired in the 60's, I can vividly remember his style and presence that he employed, so well, to entertain tv viewers. He will be missed, by family, friends and fans across the globe. But he left something behind that will always be apart of us. His smile. Thank you

Jul 06, 2015 13:59
brigitte timis from France wrote: 3073
je présente toutes mes condoléances _ la famille et sachez que jamais je n'oublierai Patrick Macnee

Jul 05, 2015 17:53
LA Beutel from USA wrote: 3072
"Did you see the whole of your life pass before you?" asked Emma.
"Yes,...infinitely enjoyable.", answered Steed..

Jul 05, 2015 11:49
Wm. R. Gellhaus from U.S.A. wrote: 3071
Thanks for my nick name.

R.I.P. Steed

Jul 05, 2015 02:22
Roy Culshaw-Lewis from England wrote: 3070
Fond memories of the original English gentleman. His style and manners set the bar very high. R.I.P. Patrick.

Jul 04, 2015 18:08
Mark Reohorn from England wrote: 3069
Patrick has been part of my life since the age of 4- it is ironic he also starred in 'Dream On' since my "socialisation" was also through zeitgeist TV programmes such as his ( e.g. The Avengers )!

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